Ability to act orderly and perseveringly to achieve a specific purpose. We seek to form responsible, respectful, and self-sufficient leaders.


Virtue of reason, not speculative, but practical. The Cartagena International School seeks to train people capable of reflecting and considering the effects that our words and actions can produce, resulting in correct action in any circumstance.


The students of the Cartagena International School must reach the maturity that allows us the reality of their best possibilities of being and acting.


The quality that reminds us of duty with our neighbor and with ourselves, is closely linked to the dignity of the person, is the enjoyment of good reputation and honesty.


It is understood as the set of cultural patterns that a generation inherits from the previous ones. The Cartagena International School trains its students based on good values ??and inherited customs.


Ability to influence, motivate, organize, and take action to achieve objectives. We transform our students into leaders who add value to society.


At the Cartagena International School, entrepreneurship is the central tool we use to develop the skills and competencies of our leaders.