CIS History

In 1983, Rosario Hernández, María Helena Manjarrés and Elvira Martínez Marrugo partnered with the idea of opening a Kindergarten, and so they decided to get together and define the place where the educational center should operate. The locations considered were in the Blas de Lezo neighborhood or in the Manga neighborhood, with the latter being the final choice. At that time the three people were studying preschool education and were motivated by pedagogical practices.

In the Manga neighborhood they looked for different options of houses that fulfilled the requirements of being large, comfortable, and spacious and being located in a favorable sector. They decided on the sector of the neighborhood known as the cabaña, having a great potential for children and for which reason the name “Cabañita” kindergarten was chosen. Not limiting themselves to the children of the neighborhood, they continued looking for children of similar ages in other sectors and surrounding neighborhoods, for which they used an aggressive marketing and outreach program looking for students. They relied on experts to shape the project.

It began to function with 25 children divided into three groups, and Elvira Martínez assumed the role of principal. The operating license was obtained that same first year to formalize the institutional process, and in the course of the following year they expanded the number of students. In that same year the principal graduated and after two years of operation, one of the members, for the purpose of relocating to another city, retired from the partnership leaving Rosario and Elvira as members, which subsequently was left in charge of Elvira Martínez as of the fifth year. They spent 10 years of operation in the same premises expanding their facilities and constantly offering a better service. Subsequently, at the request of the property owner, they had the need to get a new location in the same neighborhood of Manga taking advantage of even better conditions to offer a better service. It was then that the school went from the second avenue of Manga to the third, number # 21-188, and having five groups of preschool there.

At that time the children of transition, having had an excellent experience, would then go on to be admitted with special mentions to prestigious schools. However, they did not continue the same high quality training process offered from the base at Cabañita. That is when the decision was made to open first grade in the same venue. Another second location was leased in the same sector of Manga and later, as the school grew, a third branch of secondary school was opened on the same third avenue of Manga. With the school population increasing and with these locations saturated with students, the need arose to have a place where all the students were in the same neighborhood or to get a plot of land on the outskirts of the city to build a school according to the institutional mission. After studying all the alternatives and completing feasibility studies, land was obtained in 2005 at Kilometer 14 via Pontezuela (anillo vial) and the subsequent construction process began in 2006. The first stone was laid on August 28, 2006. The first phase of construction took about six months thanks to the work and constant effort of the directors and administrative support staff of the corporation.