The Cartagena International School is a world of international opportunities and experiences for the entire educational community. Our programs foster a global vision and generate high impact experiences in the lives of our students. Internationalization is very important in our institution because it complements the programs of bilingualism, entrepreneurship, and culture of the CIS..

Our Institutional Programs Include:

Student Exchange to Canada:

This program is done in ninth grade. Our students have the opportunity to experience a cultural immersion in Canada where, in addition to learning about a fascinating culture, they perfect their English skills.

Ubicación preeschool
Ubicación preeschool

Business Mission The Biz Nation to Atlanta, USA:

This program includes students from 10 to 14 years old, who must have a company incorporated as a requirement to attend. Participants visit the largest companies in Atlanta including Coca Cola, CNN, and The Cartoon Network. They also have the opportunity to market their products at a business fair and of course perfect their English skills.

We have foreign teachers whose native language is English, to promote a cultural exchange at home. Our teachers are highly trained and contribute greatly to the internationalization of the institution

Ubicación preeschool
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