THE CIS Hall of Fame

It is a wall of fame where only students who have reached the highest standards of the institution are honored.

On this wall of fame or Hall of Fame we pay tribute to the gold entrepreneurs of each graduating class. The gold entrepreneur is the highest award given to the student that best represents all the values of the institution such as academia, values, leadership, bilingualism and entrepreneurship.

Each year a new graduate has the honor of entering the Hall of Fame, continuously improving the quality standards of our students and graduates..


Julián José Zapata Michael Pierroo Fernandez Juan Diego Cardona Revollo Juan José Cardona Revollo José Jorge Tovar Santiago Carranza David Rafael Díaz Zulbaran Stephanie Carvajalino Martinez Nelly Sofía Martinez Dulce Maria Villalobos John Freddy Guarnizo Ricardo Andrés Donado Laura Schiatti Natalie Pereira Karen Carvajalino Martinez Zully Mancilla Polanco Eric Bernal Andrés Cuadro Julian Espitaleta Valentina Pereira