Student government is a real space for training for democracy, which is evident in the possibility of students to elect and be elected, and to represent the interests of their community and develop their capacity for political leadership in the Cartagena international school.

Thus, the community centered around the New Schools continues to give life lessons: their dreams and ideals represent an example of hope and resistance in the midst of politics.

Student Body President
Student Representative
Elecciones escolar


Personero Representante 11-A Representante 10-A Representante9-A Representante 8-A Representante 8-B Representante 7-A Representante 6-A Representante 5-A Representante 4-A Representante 3-A Representante 3-B Representante 2-A Representante 2-B Representante 1-A Representante 1-B Representante 4-B Representante 5-B Representante9-B Representante-Preescolar