To be the number one educational institution in the city recognized both nationally and internationally for its bilingual, spiritual, innovation in technology, and entrepreneurship processes towards the transformation of teaching leaders, managers, administrators, parents, and children who add value.


Cartagena International School is a school of life and human transformation, which, based on the way of understanding, comprehending, learning and doing of each student, generates bilingual leaders and successful entrepreneurs.


In 2020 the Cartagena International School will be an international, bicultural, and bilingual organization, recognized for its 100% development of:

  • Spiritual leaders committed to the process of evangelization.
  • Exchanges with students from international schools.
  • Entrepreneurs of talent and business.
  • High technology from classroom practices to the production of hardware and software.
  • Bio Entrepreneurship, robotics and nanotechnology.
  • Competencies, capabilities, and abilities in its students based on the way of understanding, comprehending, learning, and doing.
  • Agreements and strategic alliances at both the national and international level.
  • Integration of the school with the productive industries, both national and international.