For ten consecutive years since its first high school graduating class, the Cartagena International School has continuously maintained and improved its results in the state tests SABER11, obtaining the level VERY HIGH (A +) in all its graduating classes. We are the school with the best ISCE 2016 in Cartagena and Bolivar, as well as the second best school according to ISCE 2016 in the entire Caribbean region.

Excelencia academica

At the academic level, the curricular plans are developed according to the basic competency standards in the areas where they are referenced, as well as the curricular guidelines. The curriculum consists of a program of areas, subjects and projects that aim objectively at the achievement of the goals for each grade and for each one of our students.

Our students are shaped with integrity, and in such a way that, aiming at our goals, we not only ensure that they know what they have to know and at the moment they have to know it, but that we provide society with young people.