19 NOV
Importance of teaching entrepreneurship from childhood

Importance of teaching entrepreneurship from childhood

Nowadays, promoting entrepreneurship in schools has not only become a fundamental pillar within innovative educational methods, but it has also become a necessity to train people with the ability to provide solutions to current needs.

Encouraging entrepreneurship from children is very important if you want their development to go beyond the learning of traditional subjects in order to develop important bases in their quality of life. Some benefits can be:

Stimulates their creativity to solve problems.
The best entrepreneurs have created companies, ideas or projects that provide different solutions to problems in their environment. By learning entrepreneurship as children, they develop the creativity to identify and provide efficient solutions to problems they can find around them.

It helps them develop emotional intelligence
Teaching children to think that they can achieve anything they set their mind to with effort is as important as knowing that mistakes and failures are not a defeat. Promoting a positive attitude and creating an environment where making mistakes is allowed helps them to be more receptive to constructive criticism or negative situations they may face in life.

They learn to look for different solutions
By stimulating their creativity and emotions, in the face of failure they can look for other options that are more viable for the problems they face, this creates in them a divergent mentality that looks for different ways to reach an end, evaluating the pros and cons to opt for the best one.

Discover their skills and talents
Helping children to discover themselves is a step towards letting them know what they can do best, what they like best and what their strengths are. If the child likes to draw, it is better to reinforce and support that activity, rather than trying to instill something that creates negative feelings.

In summary, encouraging entrepreneurship from an early age is the first step in reinforcing emotional intelligence, self-confidence and the ability to create and achieve goals in students. The second is to teach them self-control, effort and optimism, so that they can become self-sufficient and capable of facing difficulties, keeping an open and creative mind. 

Being creative implies thinking differently and being innovative implies taking risks and putting ideas into practice and at Cartagena International School our students will find, from the very beginning, all the necessary tools to become entrepreneurs and leaders for life.

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