21 JUL
Elementos clave para estimular la lectoescritura en tu hijo

Elementos clave para estimular la lectoescritura en tu hijo

We know as literacy the process through which we learn to read and write, this is based on preschool but is carried out to a greater extent in primary school, since it is a basic element for the development of activities that will have place in this and in the future phases of education.

At the Cartagena International School we want to give you some key elements so that you understand, accompany and potentialize the process of your child; First, it is vital to be aware that each student is different, the evolution, the results and the methodologies depend on the student's age, their abilities and individual qualities and even their maturity with respect to the education processes that it develops.

For this, below we will share with you some different tools that can serve you according to the needs and characteristics of your little one.

  1. Play and learn: MyABCKit.
  2. If your children are between 3 and 7 years old, this application available in App Store and Google Play, can be a key instrument to complement their education in literacy; In it, through games, stories and many dynamics your children will learn new words while they play and enjoy.

  3. Stories to listen to, stories to tell: Storybird
  4. Storybird is a community that when you sign up, offers tools to read, create and share stories and stories. Through this platform - which has a strong graphic component - the biggest kids can create, discover, learn and connect with the world.

  5. Creativity in Action: Pixton
  6. This resource offers its users the possibility of creating comics, easily and with different templates, adding characters, dialogues and developing the script. This is why it is ideal for those kids who enjoy learning more visually.