28 JUL
Apps Y Juegos Para Aprender A Programar

Apps Y Juegos Para Aprender A Programar

The new generations are especially connected with technology and although many people criticize this closeness, there are many ways to take advantage and productivity of these tools.

In the Innovation Schools of our institution we open several spaces where children can explore and learn through technology; These are the Multimedia Production Club and the Programming Club.

Programming is a universal language and represents a great opportunity for this reason it is important to stay ahead of the curve. In this post we will show you some digital resources that your child can implement to learn how to program in a fun and autonomous way:

1. Tynker

It is a learning system for beginners, designed exclusively for children - which currently has a community of 60 million children around the world -, through which children can learn to build applications, create video games and even code drones and robots.

2. Tommy the turtle

This application for children between six and eight years old, provides tools that make your child's first steps in the world of programming, learning the basics with this interactive game featuring a friendly turtle.

3. Codemonkey

It defines itself as an educational game environment, through which children without any prior experience, or any knowledge, can learn real programming language by playing and building games.

4. Hopscotch

With more than ten million download, this application to program is an excellent way to create, play and learn. You can produce, games, art and history and share them in a community where there is constant feedback.

5. Boogie Bot

It is an educational application that allows children to learn algorithmic thinking, sequential processing, abstraction, use of variables and many more programming principles.